Why is Hypnotic Fascination different?

Why is Hypnotic Fascination different?

Excerpt From Hypnotic Fascination Book By Dr.Marco Paret

Gaze has an incredible power. Even our auditory perception of space is influenced by gaze and experimental studies have also shown that in social interactions a steady gaze is a sure asset and that the eyes can change the answer of our partner (Keating, 1977). The eyes are even more important in the first contact with somebody, as many expertsmhave observed that the first 30 seconds and the first 4 minutes of an encounter have crucial significance (Zunin, 1976). In these cases many times we get answers from other people that in reality we create unconsciously.

It has also been experimentally proved that the effectiveness of certain therapies can be directly related to the gaze interaction (Jinni A. Harrigan, 1985).

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